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Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Ebook Reader WiFi 7" VividView Color Touch Screen

Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen
Magazines & newspapers in rich color
Kids' books come alive
Over 2 million titles at your fingertips
Get social, surf the web, play games, even listen to music

VividView™ Color Touchscreen
Reading is more amazing than ever on our stunning 7-inch VividView™ Color Touchscreen. NOOK Color uses best-in-class technology to display more than 16 million colors and an extra wide viewing angle for personal or shared reading.

Over 2 Million Books
You'll never be without something wonderful to read. NOOK Color offers the largest selection of titles with new ones arriving every day. One million FREE books are ready for instant download and you can sample books FREE before you buy. Most titles are $9.99 or less and are ready to read in just seconds.

Your Favorite Magazines and Newspapers - All in Vivid Color
NOOK Color is the first reading device to offer all your newsstand favorites in rich, full color. From Us Weekly and Elle to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal - NOOK Newsstand delivers your morning paper and latest magazines right to your NOOK Color, ready to read in an amazing new way

Stories Come to Life
For the first time, enjoy hundreds of kids' picture books with our state-of-the-art NOOK Kids reading experience. Exclusive Alive Touch™ technology lets your child interact with words and pictures, easily find a favorite story, even have it read aloud. Enjoy classic favorites and the most popular new releases.

Music & More with NOOK Extras™
Listen to music while you read. Load your own MP3s and play on the built-in music player or enjoy tunes from Pandora® internet radio. Other extras: Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku and Chess, with more on the way. Want to create new NOOK Extras™ ? Find out more about NOOK Developer here.

Exclusive LendMe™ Technology
Swapping books with friends has always been a big part of reading and NOOK Color makes it even easier and more fun to do. For the first time on NOOK Color, Barnes & Noble's exclusive LendMe™ App lets you lend AND borrow favorite books from friends - all with just a few simple touches.

Share and Recommend Reading with NOOK Friends™
NOOK Color is the most well connected, social reading device ever built. NOOK Friends™ makes it easy to share and recommend reading as well as pass along favorite lines to your friends through Facebook® or Twitter®.

Personalized Reading Experience
NOOK Color is really all about you. From selecting the unique look of your home page, to personalizing your shelves or choosing just the right font, NOOK Color lets you create a reading experience that you can truly call your own.

NOOK Keeps Your Place
When you take a break from your book, a virtual bookmark remembers just where you left off, so you can dive right back into your reading on any computer or mobile device with our free NOOK Free Reading App, including iPad™, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Android™ smartphones, and Windows-based PCs, notebooks, or laptops.

In-Store Experience
Visit any Barnes & Noble store with your NOOK in hand and enjoy an array of special offers through our More In Store™ program. Get FREE Wi-Fi® while you're there and read entire NOOK Books for FREE for up to one hour per day with our innovative Read In Store™ feature.

Surf the Web
On-the-go web access is easy with NOOK Color's built-in Wi-Fi® connection. Check your email or visit your favorite websites. NOOK Color goes beyond reading and helps you stay connected.

Built-in Wi-Fi®
Our built-in Wi-Fi® connection lets you get more from your reading. Look up concepts on Wikipedia and Google® right from the page as you're reading or use our built-in Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Dictionary to look up a word. Connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi® to surf the web. Jump quickly to the website you need then go right back to enjoying your book.

A Library Without Limits
With 8GB of space* and expandable memory, your library has virtually no limits. Hold thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, kids' books, songs and photos. And our Lifetime Library™ makes sure all your reading is safely stored so you always have access to it, anytime, anywhere.

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